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Mr President
12-19-2007, 12:24
As you all know, the Dev team has been listening and working on certain changes you all feel need to happen to make NWII better. Strats is the biggest concern with everyone. The game has 9 different strats (races)
and to try to pick one out of all of them was a bit confusing.

The more i thought about it, the more i felt we should use what the game offers, but simply change it a bit. So instead of 9 strats, (races) we now have 4. Indy, casher, farmer and techer. And one ear (locacation) Earth! Locations only added more of a bonus to certain strats. it was pointless to add more of a bonus. It only covered 3 anyway. If it covered all 4 then maybe i would have kept them. Perhaps down the road we can figure something out.

How i have it set up is, each strat gains no bonus in anything but what they specialize in. So casher makes no bonuses off of growing food, but will make a 25% bonus off it's income from population.

Farmer makes no bonus off of anything but farms. He gets a 25% bonus in food production.. the same goes on down the line.

We may either increase there bonus or decrease it. I tested each strat. I built 500 commercial and 500 residential with 50% tax and got it to the very close to the same amount of population and the only clear difference was when i ran casher strat. that gave me more money out of all the rest. and the same went on for food and indy and techer.

So i think this might work. Not perfect but i think it's closer to what we have been looking for. Like i said we may need to increase the bonus to make a more distinct difference, but i don't want to do that yet cause i was working with small numbers. If a state gets larger,then the 25% might be to much.. What we need to do is just get it so if i'm running farmer, i can make enough money off of my food to cover the cost of my current expenses as well as use money to purchase more units. In NW and NWII you have to build a few of each building to offset the expenses some.. While testing the farmer strat, i seemed to be ok with income vs expenses.. but again, i was working with small amounts of troops, and land. So we may been to tweak this some more.

Also i have made other changes too.

-Shortened the menu bar. Now you don't have to scroll to see it all.
-Placed extra items off menu to the lower right of the page.
-Full amounts of food can now be sold on BM.. still working on troops. i had it but then it got messed up somehow. i'll keep trying.

- Lowered prices of units. 360,000 for one ship was a bit much. I'm still playing around with prices, so they are not set in stone.

-No more auto pass when you create an account. Once you sign up it will send you an email. Then when you get the email it takes you to the page to set your pass. Once you do that, you in. Still need a valid email address, but now you can set you own pass and don't have to use the computer generated one first.

I still have some more changes i want to make before i let you all mess around with it. You will still see the error codes, but in time they will be gone.

The game guide will need to be updated to reflect how the game is played. BEFORE one is made, i think people need to play it some. That way we can learn how to best make a strat work, and then explain it in the directions.

I will update the strat graph to reflect how the strats are set up. As for the game guide, we need one that is simple. Perhaps all on one page.

just letting you all know of some of the changes that are being made.

12-19-2007, 13:58
trial and error :)

Crimson Shadow
12-19-2007, 15:38
Sounds good....even though I haven't yet played it.