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Thread: Terrorist Invasion and death

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    Default Terrorist Invasion and death

    As the sun began its decent on September 25th 2016, the terrorist group of Los Pollos Locos began it's preparations to attack and kill the peaceful nation of Secret Service. The reason of this brutal and vicious attack is still unknown at this time however, due to past behavior from this group, it is an act of cowards. They saw the Secret Service climbing in the scores and clearly out performing them, so the only thing they could do was loot our buildings, rape our woman and murder our citizens. Sadly, these cowards attacked when there was only a few hours left in the set so any form of retaliation cannot happen. What these outlaws did not know is, the Nation Secret Service is the nation that housed the greatest President of all time. A President who not only devised the great war strategies, but also formed the largest coalition of military forces the world has ever seen... This legend goes by the name of Mr President.

    Mr President has long since retired and was enjoying the peaceful quiet life of retirement. However, you kick a dog long enough and he will bite. Rumor has it that after discovering the destruction of his homeland Mr President has already began lighting up the lines of communication with his old colleagues and retaliation planning is well under way. There will be no place to hide, no stone uncovered, no shadow to hide, you will be found and you will be killed. Cowards are those who can't stand toe to toe who have to hide in the shadows and strike when nobody is looking because they lack the backbone of a man. You can run, but you cannot hide. You called down the thunder well now you got it. You tell them I'm coming and hell is coming with me!

    "You counted on America to be passive... You counted Wrong!"

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    bring dogma and maggio back

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    We will loan a tank from Latvia and bring back Mr "Kurivasar" from retirement to counter the threat of Mr P.

    Here is Mr. Kurivasar at his dayjob disguised as a weatherman:

    I think you need all the help you can get.
    Just saw Antons ripped body and now i see that Visconte is a beautiful man aswell.#nohomo.

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    If these guys can take out too 2 states I'd appreciate it
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