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Thread: OGLE War Strike - Special Report!

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    Default OGLE War Strike - Special Report!

    *** Breaking News ***

    In the wee hours of March 15th 2017 the leader of OGLE authorized it's elite force group to strike an enemy state. Special forces were deployed with the orders to destroy and kill state #4. For many sets the enemy state recklessly and relentlessly attacked and killed several of our peaceful, kind loving, innocent states, for no reason other than it was fun. He would hide behind excuses that he didn't like what strat we were running or what color cloths our mothers picked out for us to wear that day. Each set our civilians lived in fear as they did not know when the next set of bombs would be dropped. Our country and it's great people have had enough and with that, our fearless leader order this massive, yet precision strike against the enemy. The strike lasted only moments as the enemy nation could not defend against our nations mightiness however, the message will last!

    Please let this message be known. You may strike us and kill our people but we will get up and we will seek revenge. Our patience is strong and our skills are mighty. We seek our revenge when it's least likely. Our proposal is this, it ends now. If you agree not to strike us anymore, we will do the same. But if you do strike us again, we will be back and we will not let up. There will be no place you can hide. We will find you and kill you set after set.

    Thank you.

    "You counted on America to be passive... You counted Wrong!"

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    Just saw Antons ripped body and now i see that Visconte is a beautiful man aswell.#nohomo.

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    "You counted on America to be passive... You counted Wrong!"

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    well it was Quick work

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