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    Resource Treaty 2017:

    I speak before you today with only one question.... Why??? Why are we selling our goods at the bare minimum price when we could be selling at the maximum price. I understand the demand is lower now in the early stages of the set however, we are only hurting ourselves. Why are we letting other states reap rewards while we take the hit?

    My vow moving forward is this, I will no longer sell any of my goods 10.00 less than the maximum price. I have no problem with competing against price, but I don't think any of us want to go that low. If we all agree to stay within that 10.00 line, that will benefit us all. Think of the Billions we will be losing. Think of all the extra schools or hospitals we could be providing our people with the billions we are losing but undercutting.

    Please post below if you agree with this treaty.

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    I've only ever seen oil below $80 per unit. Which makes sense according to supply and demand. This is a very infantry heavy time and they demand half the oil when compared to food. It only makes sense that oil is a bit cheaper. Once more ships are around I'm sure prices will go up as the demand increases.

    Edit: Also, I honestly believe the mins/maxes should be decreased/increased in the public market. Some goods sell instantly at their max price and have no room to find their actual worth to people.
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    Also, to help the Industrial economy, I will no longer stock and begin purchasing goods. I urge the rest of the community to do the same. Let's get the the games economy moving! Stocking is boring.

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    Why did Food and Oil prices jump from $80 to $110 max? Food and oil is ALWAYS on the market. Military units sell out instantly, THOSE prices should be increased. Supply and demand, man. I can't even use all my turns because food is so expensive. If I sell any more Infantry than I already do I won't grow at all.

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    That just means you have too little land to produce and too high maintenace costs. Thats why people stock, it gives huge advantage if the first guys fight for the first place and noone gets away with big land.
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    food and oil is going to get more expensive now i predict as there is one less resource player now

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