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    Default New Next Set!

    A few changes for next set:

    - CBox priv has finally been removed. It hasn't done anything in a long time, I just keep forgetting to remove it

    - Spy Attack changes. Several spy missions have either been removed or combined with another mission. We will only have 9 Spy Missions available.

    1) Obtain State Info - This includes the overview of the state, Savings and market activity.

    2) Military Espionage - Same as before

    3) Bomb Structures - Same as before

    4) Sabotage Military - This is a new mission. It combines the barracks, air field and naval attacks in one mission. It will blow up a % of Inf, Tanks, Jets, Bombers and Ships.

    5) Infiltrate Banks - Same as before but now stealing the money is back!

    6) Genocide - Same as before.

    7) Razing - Same as before. (Will soon include destroying oil)

    8) Infiltrate National Govt.. - Same as before.

    9) Attack Readiness - Same as before.

    All the others have been removed from the game. For the past 6 sets I have been keeping track of the spy ops that were used the most. All of the ones you see above made the cut. The other ops were hardly to never used so in an effort to clean up the spy missions, they were removed.

    The turns required for each of these is still 1 turn. This will change very soon as some of these missions are a lot more powerful and should require more. I wanted to play a set or two with these before I adjust the turn usage.

    Also, the max amount of times you can perform aggressive spy attacks against another state, outside of war, has been increased to 25 in a 24hr time frame.


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    why not add foreign aid... least I should be able to send money or resources or even military to someone maybe during war times or not even war time... but it should be limited...

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    Foreign aid is part of the alliance script. I pulled it out of the game a few sets ago to fix some issues with it. It should hopefully return within the next few sets.

    "You counted on America to be passive... You counted Wrong!"

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