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    I know there is some concern about the amount of new accounts that have registered. Some of them are real, some of them are spam bots. Several years ago i installed a spam bot protector that slowed the amount of fake accounts registering. Sadly, with the recent update to VBulletin, that program caused issues with people registering so I had to remove it. Each day I log in I go through a file that easily sorts out the real accounts with the bad. Once you register you are taken to the game page. IF the account creates a state, they are flagged as an actual account. If not, they are left in user group 4 until deleted by me (mainly daily).

    I also ran a facebook ad which brought in a ton of new states. Sadly, most of them logged on once and then never again. I think a lot of that has to do with the mobile theme. That theme is easy for those of us who have played but would be hard for new players. I am working on a new mobile style that instead of having drop down menu, would have a top and bottom menu. In the menu would just be the header such as "Structuring" or "Economics". Once you click on that, it will take you to one of the pages and the other links in that section would be at the top of the screen. Right now it's just wording but in time, I will change those to images to make it look and feel more like an app. I reached out to a company who creates these but haven't heard back. I have never built an app and with our type of game, not even sure you can. We have hundreds of files for this game I did hear that a couple of our members build apps. If you would, please send me a message. Perhaps I can explain the setup of the game and you can tell me if it's possible or not. Depending on the cost, I might invest in having an app built for the game. I think you would see this game explode if we had an app.

    The facebook ad brought in a ton of new accounts but until we make it easier to navigate, it's pointless to keep running them. The states of those who didn't stick around will become bot states and eventually cleared out. I purged several of the bot states at the beginning of the round. It dropped us down to 76 states and now we are back over 200 .

    I also wouldn't be shocked if some of the accounts we bagged for cheating last set is creating some of the new accounts. The names are very suspicious but I can't separate them just yet. Hopefully this isn't the case. Just be honest and play one account.

    With the new accounts that did stay, plus several of the old accounts coming back, we have many more active states which is awesome! I know some are bored this set as there are not many wars. Thank you for not killing old and new accounts. Let them get use to the game and then we can have some big wars again


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    You should have a welcome banner for new accounts on front page which gives links to this forum Facebook group and maybe link to contact a few people who would be happy to help new players

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    Pretty sure if Anton wanted to he could have a 15+ person nation every set of decently experienced players.. hell id probably join him every set if he asked jsut because i know that their wont be a bunch of tards in the nation with me

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    First thing most old players do at the start of round is change the desktop default theme to desert or orange. I think there is a reason people prefer old themes, its much more easy to use and without drop-down menus. I dont know anything about the mobile site, but an app could be pretty awesome.
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