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    I have made a few updates to the game and forums the past couple of weeks:

    - The mobile theme has been updated with a new design and the black and orange colors.
    - The forums have been updated to a new design and colors. - The banner is courtesy of pcgluva. He made it many years ago and we never used it for anything. Fit perfectly for this theme.
    - All of the search features in the forums have been fixed.
    - Created a new Mobile Login page
    I am still doing a little clean up work on it before I publish it, but feel free to check it out. Doesn't display correctly on PC. It's designed for mobile

    * Coming soon * - A main login page that will match the B&O theme.

    Eventually the default theme for the game will also be the Black and Orange theme. I want to make a few more tweaks with it before this happens. The goal is to keep it all unified. Before we had a theme for the forums, a different one for the game and then a different one for the mobile theme. Now it's all the same. You are able to choose different themes for the forums and game if the B&O is not your fancy. I'll also be making it so whatever theme you choose one set, will remain for the following sets.

    The forum files have been upgraded to as far as we can go for now. The next step will be if/when we move into Php7. Vbulletin offers a very nice new set of forums however, 1) It's expensive 2) it requires us to be on the next version of php. Still not sure if our game files will work with php7 but I'm hoping to find out soon.

    There are several other new things coming soon but I'll announce them once I get closer to completing them.

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    Thanks for the hard work Mr P (and maybe Andy?)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tnova
    Hmmmm, well, I was speaking on a person to person basis, since you are one of my favorite people in the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xavior View Post
    Thanks for the hard work Mr P (and maybe Andy?)
    Lets be honest here Xav, do you think I had anything to do with these upgrades?
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