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    We have discussed this many times and most people like the idea, we just can't seem to settle where all of the settings should be......

    One of the biggest complaints about warring is, the amount of time it takes to get back into the war. In the past we had hundreds of players so warring was a little easier because if you died, you could hide while you built back up. Now, hiding is almost impossible so, we need to come up with something else to help make warring enjoyable again. Starting next set, I will be implementing a new feature called "Respawn". If you war and are killed during the war, you will have two options, you can create a new state and start from scratch or you can respawn and start with either 25% of your assets from your dead state (This includes 25% of your banked money too) or if your existing assets * 25% is less than the base value, you will receive base value. Base value is a pre-set amount that I have coded. This makes it so you will always start with more than if you start from scratch. I am working on updating the game info to include this info.

    There may be times it's better to start from scratch but at least now there is an option to help get you back in the fight sooner rather than later. This is a balance as we need to keep it so a nation who is warring still has the benefit of the kill. What would be the point if you killed a state only to have that state back in the fight 5 hrs later. We will adjust this as needed but I would like to see a state who has been killed out for a couple of days instead of the 2 weeks like it is now.

    Respawn states will keep the same statename and nation and will receive the next available state number. If you are the leader you will still need to switch the leadership privs to your new state. I'm working on something to make that easier too. Right now, it's kind of complicated. The killer will still receive the credit for killing your state and your dead state will remain on the scores page in red. Respawned states will start out with 500 turns and remain in protection for 500 turns. These states will need to use some turns right away as anything over 300 turns, goes to stored turns with a max of 100. I'm not changing these settings. Need to keep it a little challenging for respawn states

    As I said, we will need to adjust values moving forward but this a start. I think this will add a nice little twist to the game and help make warring a little more fun again.

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    And... I'm thinking about bonuses for states that get the kill. Maybe when you kill a state, you get 100 turns per kill. Something along those lines but I'm still working that out.

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    That's a nice little incentive. Like the changes as well Mr. P.

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    Maybe add something under nations tech like.. "insurance" or "sustainability". The more to the max %, the more you get those extra turns and assets?if you dont have that tech then you get some minimum % of your state assets before death? E.g. if the tech is 170% then your state will be 35% when you respawn. when the tech is 110% then like.. 17% or so. That would hopefully boost some science movement on the market. Just my 2 cents .
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    I like this idea a lot, and the insurance suggestion zaxZ suggested could be a nice addition to it. I read your post about a futures market report and agree that would be good as well, anything to bring someone back into the game would help drum up activity.

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