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    Hello all - ComCap here. It's been a long time... probably 7-8 years? How's everyone doing? Thinking about playing again, wondering if anyone even remembers me.

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    I remember the name. Think we rolled together in WLF. How's it been going? Play farmer this set PM empty!

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    Pretty sure if Anton wanted to he could have a 15+ person nation every set of decently experienced players.. hell id probably join him every set if he asked jsut because i know that their wont be a bunch of tards in the nation with me

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    I remember you. Welcome back to the game! Of course you should play again There have been several changes in the game since you last played. Might want to tag up with an existing nation until you figure out all of the changes

    Also, how did you remember us? Was it the emails?

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    Yeah - I got an email within the last month out of the blue and figured I'd come say hello! Will look into the new rules. Hope everyone is doing well!

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    We played together a few times, welcome back!
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