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    To help pass the time, I have added a Blackjack game, to the game. If you're feeling lucky and would like to give it a try, you can find the link in the preferences menu. You will first need to create a blackjack account, but you can do that simply by clicking the button. Once you have created an account, you will then see the link called "Play Blackjack". It shows up in the same place as "Create a Blackjack Account".

    Right now I'm allowing everyone to play for free. You start out with $100 worth or chips and if you run out, it will show you a link where you can go and refill them, up to $500 at time. I started with the small chips for now but I can always increase them if I ever decide to do a High Rollers table

    I'm thinking about letting people fund this two ways:

    1) I can make the money you add to your Blackjack account, be funded by your state bank account.
    2) I can setup a link through Paypal and have you purchase chips. This would of course, help the game but I'm thinking I might only do this if we end up doing a "High Rollers" night. Then we could do cash payouts too. We'll see.

    But for now, you can play away. At this moment, I don't plan on dumping the data until the end of the round. This game does add quite a few lines so I may need to end up dumping each day. We'll see how it goes. I have made many improvements to this, and plan on adding some more. I need to add a "fund change" script that logs each time and why funds have changed. That way I can easily track each hand so if someone tells me they didn't get paid, I can review the log. Still working on that but for now, have fun!

    Oh yea, one more thing, This opens in a new screen. I don't have this blackjack tied to the game sessions yet so, it won't update your game session. This means after a certain amount of inactivity, the chips will disappear and you can't play. You will need to log back in the game. I did make it open on a new page so everyone once in awhile, simply click a link in the game to keep your session alive.

    Account-->Preferences-->Create a Blackjack Account OR Play Blackjack (if you already created the account)

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    I tried playing but it doesn't seem to respond to my clicks on FF or chrome
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    Tested it with all of them and it works fine for me. Make sure you're allowing cookies.

    "You counted on America to be passive... You counted Wrong!"

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