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Thread: DAK vs eleet

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    Quote Originally Posted by northbabylon View Post
    On the bright side, Recca retaliated almost immediately so you have a loyal partnah right there.

    My two GAs and failed SA also helped.
    This is very true. He did all he could to notify me that I was getting attacked and then stepped up to defend the best he could. Thank you, Recca!

    "You counted on America to be passive... You counted Wrong!"

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    State balance is a pseudo reason to attack someone. For example. Last sets winners state:
    Spies 67.514.942 Level:12
    Infantry 451.162.472 Level:8
    Tanks 0 Level:1
    Jets 0 Level:1
    Bombers 0 Level:1
    SAMs 99.740.469 Level:8
    Ships 398.588.546 Level:8

    It takes like 100b to break with spies. After that I see that I need approx 150b to AR him, or 150b to GA him. It is absolutely impossible to defend yourself against every attack. I made like 450m cashing with one turn 60k land. I'd have to cash 300 turns and then I could break anybody with something.

    Demanding a balanced state is not needed.

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