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    I've made a couple of changes that I wanted to let you know about. Nothing major:

    - The military and resource section is now combined. Prior you had to select each specific change tab for Military or Resource items. Now there is only one change tab and I combined the table. The separate sections always bothered me .

    - The NW Portal has been included into the actual game files and I will be closing the portal section on the server. All the same info is there it's just now part of the game. This is much easier to maintain, more secure, plus, it looks nicer on mobile devices than when in the portal server.

    Once we have more feedback on the Nation BM idea, I'll get that implemented as well.

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    Portal looks great
    Quote Originally Posted by Tnova
    Hmmmm, well, I was speaking on a person to person basis, since you are one of my favorite people in the game.
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