- A new spy op called Enemy Statistics has been added to the game. This provides you with the same information as when you view your own statistics.

- I will continue to work on the Alliance feature during the round. Some of the issues have been resolved and the rest should be taken care of this set. I did have to put the 24 limit back on as some were abusing it and feeding other nations. There are a couple more things I would like to get added to this feature but not sure if I can get it done this set. Also, if you have some ideas to add, please list them as I love new ideas. There isn?t much to the alliance feature at the moment but I do believe, it could really turn into something cool.

- I have also been doing a lot of clean up work within the game. Just adding little touches here and there. One I completed a few sets ago was adding pictures to the unit description. When you click on a unit, food, or oil, there is now a picture added with the description. Little things like this is what I?m talking about. Nothing huge, just trying to make it a little nicer. I know a lot of you like stats so I?m working on more little things to offer them as well. Also some things to break down information such as, if you click on resource, it will list out all the states/nations who are running that strat. This helps people find nations running the strats they want.

Anyway, just a brief update.