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    It?s hard to believe that we started back in 2007 and here we are today, 2023. With the millions of online games and Xbox, PlayStation and all of the other gaming systems, we are still here. Our player base isn?t what it used to be and we don?t have the massive wars like before but, we are still here. Thank you to each of you for supporting this game and coming back set after set. In todays fast paced, hectic world, I love coming here to take a break from the day to day stresses and hanging out with all of you. I love this game and sharing it with everyone. I?m hoping life slows down a little so I can invest more time in maki g new things for the game this year. I would also like to invest more into some advertising so we could pick up a few more members in 2023. I?m not sure how many of you know anything about writing code but I?m thinking about bringing on some help this year so we can get more done. Also, if anyone has any marketing experience and would be willing to share your talents, we would love to have you help out. I?m not a marketing guy so I feel like I waste money going in the wrong direction . Let me know if you are interested in helping. Thank you all again for playing and supporting us. I truly hope that 2023 is a good year for you as well as Nation Wars.

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    I wish I was able to retain the coding stuff I did learn so far in my pursuit for a degree. I would love to help if I could, but I don't trust myself.
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    We would have to somehow make this a phone app or perhaps a custom opensource web browser that only works with N-W pages. I've heard there are opensource programs that assist people in creating apps. If I stumble upon information on how to do that I'll let you know.

    One downside is the cost of operating on the iPhone and Android stores. You'd have to operate as a third party app downloaded directly from the website.

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    Indeed this game needs a phone app and maybe some polishing to apply the new gen. And the number of jets, inf etc were always confusing as the newbies think `wow ive 200k jets, im gonna rule the world` and then face with 2m

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